Friday, 28 February 2014

Hello and February Beauty Favourites!

Hello to any readers... or most likely no-one!

I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a really long time as I'm so interested in other people's blogs and YouTube channels! I'll most likely be posting shopping, beauty, fashion, fitness and overall things that I'm interested in. I don't really know what else to say... so I thought I'd dive right in and talk about my favourite beauty products from the month of February!

1. Philosophy Shower gel, bubblebath & shampoo in Peppermint Stick - £7.00
(I would include an URL but I cannot find anywhere with it in stock... my apologies!)
I picked this up in Boots around the end of January for £7! Which I thought was a really good deal as I received another Philosophy shower gel for Christmas which was retailing for about £14. This smells amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing, I've heard quite a few people talking about this - with reason! It lathers up beautiful and leaves you smelling sweet and minty, plus its such a pretty colour. Not sure how I feel about using it as a shampoo but it is a fab shower gel and  bubble bath! If you can get your hands on it, you need to buy it!

2. Dove Go Fresh Deodorant - Pomegranate and Lemon - £3.50

Okay, I don't know if this is a little bit too much information... but I LOVE this deodorant! It's rare for me to really have any kind of opinion on deodorant so this must be something extra nice. It smells really good and stops me sweating.. need I say more?

3. Dark Red/Purple/Magenta Nailpolish
(Cannot find URL's for any of these and they were all received as presents!)

This last month I've found myself reaching for a similar colour of nail polish when changing my nails for what feels like the 100th time that week. These three nail polishes are some of my faves and have really good lasting power! The picture directly above is the Clinique polish (slightly sloppily applied).

4. Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eyeshadow - £24
(I think this might be a limited edition product, please correct me if i'm wrong! Please go buy another shade of this eyeshadow though.. it's my goal to own them all!)

Honestly, this is my favourite thing ever. No picture will be able to fully appreciate how beautiful it is! It's a cream based eyeshadow that's shimmery and blendable. It has amazing staying power and this shade Fatal is just gorgeous. Could not reccommend it more and I'm desperate to get every single one of the shades!

5. Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation - £36

This is the ultimate foundation in my opinion. I originally wanted to try the Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation, but the sales lady managed to convince me otherwise and I'm so glad that she did! This is a very buildable foundation, but when applied with a stippling brush it has the perfect balance between flawless, dewy and natural. It has great lasting power too. I might do a full review of this at some point with pictures of it applied!

6. Bourjois Bronzing BB Creme - £9.99

(apologies for the rubbish photo!)
I've not really heard anyone talk about this but I've been really liking it! I use it under my foundation as a contour, it's a really nice way to contour your face as it blends in really nicely. It also could be used to darken up any foundations that are a little too light for the skin.

7. Bourjois Express Eye Makeup Remover - £4.99

I really like this eye makeup remover, it reminds me of the Lancome Bi Facil eyemakeup remover. It separates so you have to shake it but it has a slightly oily texture to it which some people might not like, however I feel that texture removes the eye makeup gently whilst coating the lashes. Big thumbs up!

8. Vaseline Spray and Go - Cocoa Radiant -£4.99

This has literally changed my life (slightly dramatic). Being a big fake tan wearer, I neglected daily moisturising my body which resulted in patchy faded fake tan... not my best look. However this has made it so easy to moisturise twice a day and my fake tan is lasting longer! Fab!

Okay, so that's it for my first blog post! Hope it was okay! I'm currently working on a review of a whitening tooth paste which I'll post when it's finished - speak soon!


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