Thursday, 10 April 2014

1800 Minute Challenge.. Update!

Is anyone else still on track with their 1800 minute challenge? I am! Surprisingly...

I thought I would share an update on how I'm getting on and maybe give someone a few ideas of ways of getting their 1800 minutes in!

So, this is how my spreadsheet is currently looking...

Date Minutes Worked Out
April 1st No Workout. (0 minutes)
April 2nd 45 Minute Spin Class (45 mins)
April 3rd 60 minute Box Circuits class (105 mins)
April 4th 45 Minute Spin Class (150 mins)
April 5th 50 minute beach walk ( 200 mins)
April 6th No Workout. (0 minutes)
April 7th 30 minute Metafit class (230 mins)
April 8th 60 minute pilates class (290 mins)
April 9th 30 minute workout DVD (320 mins)
April 10th 60 mnute Kettlebell class (380 mins)

I can't quite believe I've completed 380 minutes in just ten days, crazy! I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow actually so I might update this if I've lost any weight in these last two weeks.. fingers crossed!

Hope everyone else is getting on well with their own personal fitness challenges! 



  1. I love working out so much! I try to keep it 3 to 4 days a week by switching from running with zumba or pump up workout. Great job love! xx

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